The company was established in 1991 denaturing the passion in clothing into business.

Vertigo has in its possession
• a fabric manufacturing company which produces classic qualities
and top special fabrics and
• Olimpia Fashion, which is located in Bulgaria, with main activities:
sewing, ironing, Packing and has annual capacity of 2.000.000 pieces.

The production is based on women's, men’s and kid’s clothing, mainly women’s styles and
the clientele includes some of the most known wholesalers and retailers in Europe.

Vertigo’s values are:
  • Annual capacity of 2.000.000 pieces
  • Know-how
  • Greek quality in sewing
  • Refreshed collections every 15 days
  • Commercial designs
  • Reproduction of articles with high sales
  • Workable prices
  • Attention in every client’s needs
  • Attractive collections is one of the qualitities that completes out philosophy